Open Scholarship Knowledge Base (OSKB), a free repository of open practice education and training resources

As the adoption of open and reproducible practices grows, so too does the need for high-quality, up-to-date instruction. That’s why OSF (Open Science Framework) partnered with open advocates from the global research community to create the OSKB (Open Scholarship Knowledge Base). 

Now research educators and stakeholders can quickly point to the OSKB as a tool to support the learning, application, and training in open practices for their communities. Plus, the OSKB integrates effortlessly with virtual learning environments as more institutions shift toward remote collaboration and coursework.

Open Scholarship Knowledge Base (OSKB): A sustainable model inclusive to all disciplines

Learn more about the OSKB (a community-led initiative, which means the power to build robust collections of materials is in the hands of those closest to the work) here. Any individual or group can easily submit open scholarship learning materials to the OSKB to support their discipline or community of practice. You can contribute or author a resource, when you see any gap, or join a discipline-based OSKB subcommittee to help review, edit, and curate submissions.