External research secondments

1. Postdoctoral

13th Mar-12nd Apr, 2018      Water leaching compliance tests on biomass bottom ash and mixed fine aggregates (UNE–EN 12457:2003 and NBN EN CEN/TS 14405:2004)

2nd Apr-2nd Jul, 2013          Geochemical modelling using PHREEQC code (Parkhurst and Appelo, 2013)

2. Predoctoral

2nd Nov-11 / 29th Jan-12   Research activity on solid waste (landfill processes, leachate composition, emission and migration of pollutants) and contaminated sites (review on risks assessment)

3th Jun-3th Sep, 2010          Analyses of infrared spectra, X-ray diffraction and C, N, H and data interpretation on waste polluted soil samples

25th Jul-6th Aug, 2007       Summer Course Solar power from the fruit juice

22nd Mar-3th Apr, 2007     Spring Course Getting higher spending less: eco-efficiency in urban areas

4th Aug-19th Aug, 2006      Summer Course Renewable resources for sustainable production