Research projects (14) and contracts (3)

(17) HORIZON-MSCA-PF-01-01-2021 (2 yrs: 2023-2025): BioBar: Biological barriers for a sustainable landfill design. Evaluated by the Environment and Geosciences (ENV) panel – EU.1.3.2. – Nurturing excellence by means of cross-border and cross-sector mobility ID: 101067058

Principal researcher: A K M Morita                                           Supervisor: M Regadío 

1 beneficiary and 1 partner                                              181 455 € Autonomous University of Madrid

(16) TED2021 (2 yrs: 2022-2024): Sustainable Magnesium Phosphate Concrete for construction by 3D printing as accelerator to an eco-digital transition of society (SUMAC_3D). Strategic Projects Focused on the Ecological Transition and Digital Transition. ID: TED2021-130142B-I00

Principal researchers: R Fernández y Ana Guerrero                                           

1 beneficiary                                              131 100 € Autonomous University of Madrid

(15) Research contract (1 yr: 2023-2024). Study of permanent closure of out-of-service fuel tanks reusing waste. Contrato por asistencia técnica. Ejército del aire de España. 

Project coordinator: J Cuevas (7)

                                                                        17 558 € Autonomous University of Madrid

(14) I+D+I (MODALIDAD «PRUEBAS DE CONCEPTO» 2021) 3 yrs: 2021-2024: Optimizing food safety through remediation of intensive horticultural ecosystems contaminated with antibiotics: New biogeofilters (BIOGEHORTFILTER). Spanish State Research Agency, European NextGenerationEU, I+D+I (MODALITY«PROOF OF CONCEPT» 2021). ID: PDC2021-120744-I00

Principal researchers: E Eymar and J cuevas  

1 beneficiary                                                                       126 500 € Autonomous University of Madrid

(13) H2020-MSCA-IF-EF-ST 2016 (2 yrs: 2018-2020): High Attenuation Recycling Materials as sustainable barriers for waste disposal sites (HARM). Evaluated by the Environment and Geosciences (ENV) panel – EU.1.3.2. – Nurturing excellence by means of cross-border and cross-sector mobility ID: 743880

Principal researcher: M Regadío                                      Supervisor: S F Thornton 

1 beneficiary and 1 partner                                              183 455 € University of Sheffield

(12) H2020-MSCA-ITN-2016 SOCRATES (1.5 yrs: 2018-2020): European Training Network for the sustainable, zero-waste valorisation of (critical) metal containing industrial process residues (SOCRATES). 15 early stage researchers (ESR): ID: 721385

Project coordinator: K Binnemans, KU Leuven

8 beneficiarios and 5 partner                                               3 858 940€ (1 002 240 € to KU Leuven)

(11) H2020-SC5-2015-one-stage (2 yrs: 2016-2018): Metal Recovery from Low Grade Ores and Wastes (METGROW PLUS). Ensuring the sustainable supply of non-energy and non-agricultural raw materials. ID: 690088

Project coordinator: J Mäkinen, J Salminen, Teknologian tutkimuskeskus VTT Oy

19 beneficiaries and 9 partners                                    7 911 463 € (340 826 € to KU Leuven)

(10) Research contract (1 yr: 2015-2016). Performance testing of Shell solvents as diluents in solvent extraction processes of rare earths.  Bilateral project

Project coordinator: K Binnemans

and P T Jones                                                                           54 000 € KU Leuven

(9) H2020-MSCA-ITN-2014 REDMUD (3.25 yrs: 2014-2018): European Training Network for Zero-waste Valorisation of Bauxite Residue (REDMUD). 15 ESR. ID: 636876

Project coordinator: K Binnemans, KU Leuven

9 beneficiaries and 4 partners                                               3 720 893€ (1 002 240 € to KU Leuven)

(8) FP7-NMP-2012-LARGE-6 (3.25 yrs: 2014-2017): Development of a sustainable exploitation scheme for Europe’s Rare Earth ore deposits (EURARE). Large-scale integrating project. ID: 309373

Project coordinator: I Paspaliaris, National Technical University of Athens, NTUA

23 beneficiaries and 6 partners                                              9 000 000 € (700 000 € to KU Leuven)

(7)  GOA13/008 (3 yrs: 2014-2017): GOA Rare Earth Project: New technologies for separation. Internal KU Leuven project

Principal researcher: K Binnemans                                     1 000 000 € KU Leuven

(6) IOF-KP RARE3 (1.5 yrs: 2014-2016): Industrial Research Fund Knowledge Platform on Rare Earth Recycling (IOF-KP RARE3) Internal KU Leuven project

Principal researcher: K Binnemans                                     800 000 € KU Leuven

(5)  CMT2011-24025 (1 yr: 2012). Study of the function of materials Compound of natural CLAY-sand as retarding and attenuating agents of the spreading of polluted discharge. Ministry of Science & Innovation, Spain 

Principal researcher (N researchers): J Cuevas (6)           12 000 €

One beneficiary

(4) FP7-Fission-2009 PEBS project (3.7 yrs: 2011-2013): Long-term Performance of the Engineered Barrier System, forming part of the FP7 Euratom programme. Fission-2009-1.1.1. ID: 249681

Principal researcher: J Cuevas (7 from UAM)                     2 806 333 € (72 750 € to UAM)

Beneficiaries (17): AITEMIN, CIEMAT, CIMNE, DM Iberia, ENRESA, UAM, UDC (Spain); ANDRA (France); BGR (Germany); BRIUG (China); Clay Technology, NAGRA, SKB, TK Consult (Sweden); Solexperts (Switzerland); GRS (Germany, Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia, and the Technical Inspection Organisations and the Germanischer Lloy)

(3) Project I+D+i A113/2007/3-02.6 (4 yrs: 2007-2010). Contaminants Diffusion in the Urban Landfills Barriers and its Evolution over Time. Ministry of the Environment, Spain

Principal researcher (N researchers): J Cuevas (12)         1 654 947 € (394 035 € to UAM)

Beneficiaries (3): Geotecnia y cimientos SA (now: GEOCISA SA), UAM, CEDEX

(2) Research contract (2 yrs: 2007-2009). Study of the alteration area of reference bentonite during the degradation of concrete, subcontract of ENRESA using the EC Contract FIKW-CT2000-0028. Forming part of the 6th integrated project NFpro (Near Field project) 2004-2007 (Understanding physical and numerical modelling of the key processes in the near-field, and their coupling, for different host rocks and repository strategies. EC)

Principal researcher: J Cuevas (5 from UAM)                     142 500 €

(1) EQUAL ES-ES211: Project MEDAS 21 (1 yr: 2006-2007): Measures against the exclusion and unemployment in Coastal Areas. European Commission.

Principal researcher: A Molina García                                    3 500 000 €

Beneficiaries: Algor Consulting SL, AMFAR, AENOR, Coasts Head Office of the Environmental Ministry, Escuela Superior de Gestión Comercial y Marketing, Fundación Alfonso Martín Escudero, Grupo TRAGSA, Polytechnic University of Madrid, Regional Council for the Environment of Galicia, among others

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