Higher education experience (379 h)

2018-19   Lectures (12 h) on Water Quality Processes (CIV4747/6747) within the MSc in Water Engineering (University of Sheffield), 48 students

2014-15 International Week on Geotechnology. 8 h course on Attenuation of leachate pollution, to students of Bachelor on Geotechnics and Applied Geology and Master on Geo-engineering and Post-mining. TFH Georg Agricola (Bochum, Germany). Supported by Erasmus+ mobility

2012-13   Assistant Professor in Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) for:

2012-13      • 40 h Geology, BS in Biology, 80 students

    • 20 h Waste, BS in Environmental Sciences, 27 students

2008-12   Teaching Assistant in UAM for:

2011-12      • 80 h Geology, BS in Biology, 68 students

2010-11      • 84 h Geology, BS in Biology, 59 students

2009-10      • 75 h Geology, BS in Biology, 70 students

2008-09      • 46 h Geology, BS in Biology, 70 students

      • 6 h Management, Recovery & Treatment of Waste, BS in Environmental Sciences, 84 students

      • 8 h Mineralogy & Mineral genesis, BS in Chemistry, 18 students

Online resources

2009 – …           Teaching and academic support through: http://geologiauam.blogspot.com.es/ (IBSN: 7-1216-83-012)

One textbook and four educational resources online (2013)

Advisor of postgraduate international students

  • Jan 2017-Present    Co-supervisor of Thupten Palden ♂ PhD candidate (ESR 1) in ETN for the sustainable, zero-waste valorisation of critical-metal-containing industrial process residues (SOCRATES). MSCA-ETN project
  • Sep 2015-2018        Co-supervisor of Dženita Kasapović ♀ PhD candidate (ESR 8) in ETN for Zero-waste Valorisation of Bauxite Residue (REDMUD). MSCA-ETN project
  • Oct 21-Nov 1, 2013    Advisor of Iheoma Obioha Kennedy ♂ (from Federal University of Technology Owerri) about effective management of waste in developing countries
  • Oct 21-Nov 1, 2013    Advisor of Anyanwu Chinonso Ifeanyi ♂ (from Imo Afrik Limited) in a short stay in UAM about innovation in landfill liners
  • Jul 2008-Jun 2009      Advisor of Esther de la Orden ♀ (Scholarship FINNOVA 2008 through a R+D Project: chemical laboratory technician) in UAM on geochemistry analyses of aqueous and soil samples (pH, electrical conductivity, ammonium selective electrode, atomic absorption spectrometry, density, mineralogy, liquid chromatography