21-26 July 2013: Summer Course in Madrid: Biomolecules & Single Molecule Techniques

From 21st to 26th July, 2013 the XX Nicolás Cabrera Summer School 2013 is celebrated with an international event entitled: “BIOMOLECULES AND SINGLE MOLECULE TECHNIQUES”,
which will be held at Residencia la Cristalera (Miraflores de la Sierra, MADRID)
The purpose of this Summer School is to bring together renowned international researches with students and postodcs, and to provide a forum to present and discuss both theoretical and experimental single-molecule approaches applied to biology.
The school topics are:
  • Atomic Force Microscopy
  • Optical and magnetic tweezers
  • Single-molecule fluorescence techniques
  • Theory on soft matter
  • Single-molecule applications.


01    Philip Nelson/University of Pennsylvania, USA   
02    Toshio Ando/Kanazawa University, Japan
03    Erwin Peterman/Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
04    Felix Ritort/Universtitat de Barcelona, Spain   
05    Ulrich Keyser/University of Cambridge, UK   
06    Urs Greber/University of Zurich, Switzerland   
07    Fred MacKintosh/Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands   
08    Daniel Müller/ETH Zürich, Switzerland   
09    Ricardo Garcia/Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales (ICMM-CSIC), Madrid, Spain   
10    Rudolf Podgornik/Dept. of Theoretical Physics. Institut “Jo ef Stefan”,Slovenija   
11    Melike Lakadamyaly/The Institut of Photonic Sciences ICFO, Barcelona   
12    Jan Lipfert/Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands   
13    Mauricio García-Mateu/Centro de Biología Severo Ochoa, Madrid, Spain   
14    Iwan Schaap/Georg August Universität Friedrich Hund, Göttingen, Germany   
15    Arvind Raman/Purdue University, USA   
16    Wouter Roos/Vrije Unviersiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands   
17    Sergi Garcia-Manyes/King´s College London, UK   
18    Carolina Carrasco/Centro Nacional de Biotecnología (CNB-CSIC), Madrid, Spain   
19    Alessandro Podesta/Università degli Studi di Milano, Milano, Italy   
20    Francesco Mantegazza/Universita’ di Milano/Bicocc   
21    Borja Ibarra/IMDEA Nanociencia, Madrid, Spain   
22    Ricardo Arias-Gonzalez/IMDEA Nanociencia, Madrid, Spain
You can obtain further information and register at here
Abstract submission for poster presentation sessions are encouraged.
In addition, some abstracts will be selected  for short talks.
Application submission is now OPEN! The deadline for abstract submissions is June 5th 2013.
Biomolecules and Single Molecule Techniques
21-26 July 2013
Deadline for abstract submissions is June 5th 2013

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