Postdoctoral Fellows Initiative Natural Sciences (FINS)

Summary: Career development for junior scientists at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim.
The Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology (NT) at NTNU has set up the FINS initiative to support excellent junior scientists from outside Norway, who plan to submit applications for independent research fellowships (such as Marie Curie Individual Fellowships, etc.) in order to pursue an academic research career. The initiative aims to highlight research opportunities for 1/ candidates with 2/ members of the NT faculty and to assist the best candidates with the development of their fellowship applications. Last year eight Marie Curie fellowship applications were submitted by candidates supported through the FINS initiative with three of them (38%) being successful. The average success rate for this type of EU funding was 12% in 2013. The initiative has also the financial means to support one outstanding candidate if he/she fails to meet the funding threshold.
Applications should be from promising young researchers who have already published (at least) one manuscript as 1st author in a peer-reviewed journal and have scientific interests that match research activities already taking place in the departments involved (investigators participating and details on the application procedure can be found on the website and include Biology or Materials Science and Engineering).
The selected candidates will be invited to Trondheim for a symposium at the end of May(reasonable travel expenses will be covered), where they will present their past research achievements and discuss future research / career plans with senior NTNU academics.
Deadline for application is Friday, 28th March 2014

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