¿A qué revista envío mi artículo? / To which journal should I submit my paper?

As a recent Ph.D., I know that getting research papers published can be a challenge. Nearly a third of visitors to “www.elsevier.com/authors” are trying to decide to which journal they ought to submit their paper. To help authors find the perfect journal match for their paper, elsevier has developed a new tool, called Journal Finder
  • Advantages:
    – Help less experienced researchers to select suitable journals for their papers enable researchers working across multidisciplinary fields to identify appropriate journals.
    – Highlight journals that offer open access options and provide information on publication speeds and impact factors.
  • How does the tool work?
You enter the paper title, abstract and/or keywords and the tool creates a list of Elsevier journals which match the topic of the article (the journals are only from Elsevier, not from other editorials such as ACS Publications, Springer or Copernicus). You can then order the results based on your priorities, such as highest Impact Factor or shortest editorial time. The results contains links to each journal’s homepage, to the aims and scope of the journal and to Elsevier Editorial Submission (EES) page (so you can directly view this useful information and go the submission process from here).

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